2018-19 Category II Fees

2018-19 Category II Fees Pie Chart

2019 Board of Finance Budget Meetings & Locations

Board of Finance Meetings - Nelson Hall East 120

    • Monday, February 4, 3-4 PM
    • Monday, February 18, 3-5 PM
    • Monday, March 4, 3-5 PM

Board of Finance's Budget Hearing - UC South Lounge

    • Saturday, February 23

A.S. Board of Directors Meetings & Location

The Board of Directors meets in the University Center Banquet Room

Meetings located in the University Center Banquet Room (UC 131)

    • Monday, January 28, 2019

    • Monday, February 11, 2019

    • Monday, February 25, 2019

    • Monday, March 11, 2019
      AS 2019-20 Recommended Budget Discussion

    • Monday, March 25, 2019
      AS 2019-20 Recommended Budget Discussion

    • Monday, April 8, 2019
      AS 2019-20 Recommended Budget Q & A

    • Monday, April 15, 2019
      AS 2019-20 Budget Approval

    • Monday, April 29, 2019
      Transition Meeting

Each year, students enrolled full-time at HSU pay $117 towards the Student Body Association, known as Associated Students. These fee monies become the major sum of the Associated Students annual budget. As the student government, the Associated Student Board of Directors allocates the fee revenue to support programs and services that would not occur without the collective power of Associated Students support.

Each Spring, student-oriented programs, services, organizations and departments from on-campus apply to be part of the following school year's A.S. Budget. (For example, the 2018-19 Board will be setting the budget for the following 2019-20 school year)

The application period for 2019-20 AS Budget Request was December 21, 2018- February 6, 2019

Applications can be viewed here or in the A.S. Office's Budget Application Binder.

The Process
  1. Budget Adminstrator Meeting
    Thursday, January 24, 10-11am
    A.S. Office (University Center, 2nd Floor, UC South Lounge, below the bookstore)
    The A.S. Administrative Vice President and Executive Director will be available to meet with A.S. Program Budget Administrators to review materials and answer questions related to designing a budget and the A.S. Budget process.

  2. A.S. Budget Applications DUE
    Wednesday, February 6, NOON

    A.S. Office

  3. A.S. Board of Finance Meeting
    Monday, February 18, 3-5pm

    Nelson Hall East 120
    The A.S. Board of Finance will discuss A.S. Budget Requests and determine which A.S. Programs to invite to the budget hearing. A.S. Programs will be asked to participate in a hearing if the A.S. Board of Finance has specific questions about the program’s budget request. The schedule for the Budget Hearing will be released by Wednesday, February 20.

    ​The A.S. Board of Finance met on the above date and discussed their reviews of the budget requests for 2019-20. The members would like to ask some more specific questions of the following groups:

    • Drop-In Recreation (Pool)
    • Humboldt International Film Festival [HIFF]
    • Sport Club
    • Student Access Gallery [SAG]
    • Waste Reduction & Resource Awareness Program [WRRAP]
    • Womxn's Resource Center [WRC]
    • MultiCultural Center/Asian-Desi-Pacific Islander Center/ Scholars Without Borders [MCC/ADPIC/SWB]
      • ​These groups are being asked to come in together to allow for the discussion of how/where A.S. funding should be represented for SWB and ADPIC. They are splitting off as individual A.S. Programs when, historically, positions and programming line items for these groups were part of the MCC's budget. Due to this history, there is some duplication in these applications. The Board of Finance would like consultation on what's most practical for all parties.

  4. Budget Hearings
    Saturday, February 23, hearing times will be 30-minute slots held between 10:30 and 3PM
    University Center South Lounge
    A.S. Board of Finance conducts budget hearings – These are not program presentations. The hearings are designed to give the A.S. Board of Finance an opportunity to critically analyze the budget requests and ask specific questions of the A.S. Program.

    10:30am - MCC/ADPIC/SWB
    11am - HIFF
    11:30am - Sport Club
    12:30pm - WRRAP
    1pm - SAG

  5. A.S. Board of Finance Recommendation
    Wednesday, March 6, 3-5pm (Date changed from Monday the 4th)
    Nelson Hall East 120
    A.S. Board of Finance will approve their 2019-2020 A.S. Budget recommendations to the A.S. Board of Directors – all A.S. Programs will receive a copy of the recommended budget.

    PDF iconas_board_of_finance_recommended_2019-20_budget_approved_3-6-19.pdf

  1. A.S. Board of Directors Meeting
    Monday, March 11, 3- 6pm
    University Center Banquet Room (UC 131)

    A.S. Board of Directors will discuss the 2019-2020 A.S. Recommended Budget.

  2. A.S. Board of Directors Meeting
    Monday, March 25, 3- 6pm
    University Center Banquet Room (UC 131)

    A.S. Board of Directors continue reviewing the A.S. 2019-2020 Recommended Budget and determine if there are any A.S. Programs that will be asked to appear at the next A.S. Board of Directors meeting for an opportunity to explain their budget request
    1. A.S. Program Appeal 
      A.S. Program(s) can choose to appeal the A.S. Recommended Budget. Contact the Executive Director via Gmail (jmg12@humboldt.edu) or in person at A.S. Office 
      by Friday, March 29 NOON. This appeal will get your program time in the following A.S. meeting to speak for their program's request.

      The following programs will be heard during the April 8 Meeting, during Questions & Appeals:
      Asian, Desi, Pacific Islander Collective [ADPIC]
      Drop-In Recreation (Pool)

      Student Access Gallery [SAG]
      Waste Reduction & Resource Awareness Program [WRRAP]
      Youth Educational Services [YES]
      Campus Center Appropriate Technology [CCAT]

  3. A.S. Board of Directors Meeting - Questions and Appeals
    Monday, April 8, 3-6 pm
    University Center Banquet Room (UC 131)
    Any A.S. Program appealing their recommended budget allocation is required to appear before the A.S. Board of Directors to present their appeal. If any A.S. Programs were selected for questions on March 25, they will be heard during this meeting. Depending on available time, the A.S. 2019-2020 Budget may be approved at this meeting or at the next A.S. Board of Directors meeting on Monday, April 15

  4. A.S. Board of Directors Meeting
    Monday, April 15, 3-6pm
    University Center Banquet Room (UC 131)
    If the A.S. 2019-20 Budget is not approved at the April 8th A.S. Board of Directors meeting, the A.S. Board of Directors will approve the A.S. Budget on this date.

The AS Board of Directors voted and finalized the 2019-20 AS Budget at a Special Meeting on April 22. 
PDF icon2019-20_as_recommended_budget_4-22-19.pdf<br>

  1. Deliver A.S. 2019-20 Board of Directors Approved Budget to President
    Monday, May 6
    HSU's President receives and reviews the Associated Students Budget according to PDF iconExecutive Order 369.


A.S. Office on Campus Map

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