Building Resilience in a Time of Crisis - Workshop Descriptions

April 22

  • CCAT's Mobile Energy on Wheels (MEOW) · 1-2pm · Campus Center for Appropriate Technology [CCAT] 
    Discover a historic student initiated demonstration trailer, known as the Mobile Energy On Wheels(MEOW). The MEOW is accompanied by solar panels, an inverter, charge controller, and pedal power bicycle generators. MEOW project is in conversation with the ENGR 305 class called Appropriate Technology. This informational session will highlight our project process, MEOW history, MEOW components, user interface, and a critical conversation regarding the value of the MEOW. MEOW will be in...
    Contact: Karina Coronado

  • "Tending the Wild" - A Film Screening and Open Forum · 2-4pm · Library 209 - Fishbowl 
    Improve awareness of the intersection between cultural knowledge and indigenous people's relation to the environment and the problematic nature of current environmental practices - using Native Californians Traditional Ecological Knowledge as an example. Drive a discussion of the impact the film "Tending the Wild" has on viewers and how they feel we can better align with the ways nature wants to be treated.

  • Earth Week Banquet & Trashion Show featuring Keynote, David Cobb · 5:30-8pm · Kate Buchanan Room [KBR] 
    Join Earth Week for the Keynote speaker, and Green Campus 3rd Annual Trashion Show: A Fashion Show Competition That Promotes Fashion Creativity, Waste Reduction, and Sustainability. Win Prizes in a free drawing! Free food and refreshments.

    5:30 PM Event Opens
    5:45 PM Grab Food
    6-6:45 PM Trashion Show in the KBR
    6:45-7 PM Sustainability Awards
    7-7:45 Half hour talk then Q&A with David Cobb

    Contact: Morgan Kipf

April 23

  • Supporting the Green New Deal: from easy to artsy · 10:00 AM · Campus Center for Appropriate Technology [CCAT] 
    Do you support or are interested in learning more about the Green New Deal? Join Sunrise movement Humboldt to learn more about this vision and how you can support the most ambitious piece of Federal legislation to address climate change and social injustice yet. We will be writing letters, making calls, creating art, and signing petitions to send to our representatives. Help make a more harmonious America by expressing why you support, and what you would like to see in a Green New Deal!
    Contact: Lily

  • How to De-Carbonize · Noon-1pm · Library 209 - Fishbowl 
    Protecting the health of our planet and ecosystems will require a drastic shift in the processes we use to make energy. This drastic shift will require the community to have an understanding of what is happening. Join our speakers on renewable energy topics, how to reduce your carbon footprint, and interactive activities about the transition to a sustainable energy grid.
    Contact: Dylan Anderson

  • Venezuela's Revolution: The Fight for Socialism and Independence · 11AM-3PM · Library 114
    In this workshop we will focus on how Venezuela economic system puts people and the environment over profit in contrast to capitalist exploitation of land and people. Through taking on this perspective participants will learn why the anti-war movement is important because it involves both the environment but human populations.In this workshop, we will provide a socialist analysis and discussion surrounding the events unfolding in Venezuela where participants will learn to critically analyze these events, read between news headlines and learn how to apply the international struggle for liberation in their daily lives.
    Contact: Nathaniel McGuigan

  • Zero Waste Toolkit · 1-3pm · University Center Quad 
    Learn to build a zero waste toolkit.

  • Anaya Young- Film Screening & Discussion· 5-7pm · Kate Buchanan Room [KBR] 
    Ayana Young is an inspiring young activist who has dedicated their life to teaching others about empowered earth stewardship, social justice, sovereignty, deconstructing western ideologies, and much more. In this lecture/discussion Young will be screening their film project called "1 Million Redwood Project" and will hold a discussion on how their work as co-founder of non-profit For The Wild ties into our Earth Week's theme of "Building resilience in a time of crisis."

  • Rights and Privileges Timeline Exercise · 6:30-7:30pm · Library 209 - Fishbowl
    Our resiliency comes through our grassroots work that allows us to address macro level systems such as corporate personhood and money is speech. Nature is resilient so if we protect her then she will heal.
    Learn about how and when we gained our rights as human beings and how corporations gained their "human rights," and how this corporate personhood impacts our ability to protect mother earth. This timeline exercise is an education tool to explain how corporations have used the legal system to gain constitutional "personhood rights" through court decisions and how people have organized to gain constitutional rights through amendments (with a few exceptions)
    Contact: Move to Amend

  • DAY 1: Weigh the Waste · 5-7PM · The J
    Contact: Thomas Premo

April 24

  • Poster Session: Creating a sustainable, resilient future for all · 9am-12pm ·  Library First Floor, Learning Center area 
    Each member of the campus community can and must engage to build resiliency with conversation about steps each of us can take to actively build resiliency and create a sustainable future. What does resiliency in sustainability look like? Students from BA 106, Advocating for Sustainability will present their ideas in this poster session.
    Contact: Kate Lancaster

  • Sustainable Succulents · 11am-2pm · University Center Quad 
    Sustainable succulents influences people to work together and build their resilience in the form of plants which serve as a lasting reminder in their home. This interactive activity is about low resource intensive plants the participants can have in their own home. Green campus will provide pots as well as propagated succulents for people to bring home.
    Contact: Cassidy Fosdick

  • Humboldt County Climate Action Plan Forum · 3-4:30pm· Nelson Hall East 102
    Join students, faculty and staff in a dialogue on local efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Learn about the regional Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout Humboldt County. Participate in discussion on where emissions come from and what strategies our local governments and communities can use to reduce them. The workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to give input on how we address climate change as a community. The Climate Action Plan will help us chart a more sustainable future for Humboldt County.
    Contact: Connor McGuigan

  • DIY Sustainable Cleaning Products · 5-6pm · OhSNAP Kitchen and conference room
    Reduce your environmental impact by learning how to make environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and learn how to reduce waste. Come make your own cleaning supplies to take home with you. Brought to you by A.S., the Clubs Office, CCAT, Oh SNAP, and WRRAP.

  • DAY 2: Weigh the Waste · 5-7PM · The J
    Contact: Thomas Premo

  • CANCELLED: Earth Week Open Mic ·5-7PM · The Depot 

April 25

  • Have a Taste with Zero Waste · Noon-2pm · University Center Quad
    Join the Zero Waste and Tack Back The Tap [TBTT] branch of WRRAP for a workshop that encourages and demonstrates Zero Waste cooking practices with simple, on-the-go recipes. Most ingredients can be found at OhSnap. Students can come and go as they please to make their cookbook. Supplies to make reusable snack baggies will also be provided! Come create a cookbook curtailed to your liking's while being part of the zero waste movement!
    Contact: Terrika Zimmerman

  • Seed Saving and Seed Exchange · 2-4pm · MultiCultural Center [MCC]
    Join OhSnap! student food programs in our second annual seed exchange. Students will have the opportunity to gather information and resources on how to begin their own garden by using their CalFresh benefits. The Oh Snap mission is to provide students with support on how to have access to food. We want to empower student to grow healthy and nutritious foods in their own home.
    Contact: Iran Ortiz

  • DAY 3: Weigh the Waste · 5-7PM · The J
    Contact: Thomas Premo

April 26

  • Inclusive Bike Ride · 5-7pm · Meeting at the corner of Harpst and B St.
    Join us with Latino Outdoors for a QTPOC bike ride around Arcata, a discussion on cycling and inclusivity, and for some ice cream at Arcata Scoops! We will first be meeting at the corner of Harpst St. and B St. The Bicycle Learning Center will be there at 4 PM ready for to provide free tune-ups before the ride! All riders will complete a release of liability before tak off to ensure everyone's acountable for their safety. See you then!